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The Serenity Farm Retreat is home to Sherri Bridges Fox. Sherri and her husband established the Serenity Farm Retreat after the loss of her son. Sherri's mission is to empower others to see their lives from a broader and wider perspective, to embrace the power within, and to know that all is as it should be. 


She has counseled many individuals who are caught in a state of deep grief after losing a loved one, and has written a book titled "I Will See You Again, A Mother's Sacred Journey After the Passing of Her Son." She has also just published a second book "A'n's Gift, Pieces to the Puzzle." Both books can be purchased through Amazon and more or through Sherri. Sherri has a master's degree in counseling. Sherri is a Reiki master and a Shamballa Master healer.

Sherri Bridges Fox will be your host. Sherri's husband Terry Fox will be your co-host, assist in art instruction, and will be your chef in residence during your stay with us. 



Sherri takes you into her heart as she describes the feelings and deep emotions she felt as she discovered her seventeen-year-old son's dead body. She will take you by the hand, and you will be there with her as she recounts her life and sacred journey. Over the last four years, Sherri has dedicated herself to learning about and understanding life, as seen through the eyes of the soul. With the telling of her story, she wishes to empower others to know that they are capable of traversing any mountain that may be casting a shadow of darkness in their life.

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A'na's Gift, (Pieces to the Puzzle) is about a young woman who accidentally lands on Earth. A'na is suspicious of where she has landed and is a little apprehensive due to the period she has landed in. She is well aware of the shift in consciousness that is taking place upon Earth and also knows that it can mean complete CHAOS. A'na meets a young girl named Lucy shortly after she has arrived. The two become inseparable. A'na is from a fifth-dimensional planet called Mentaka. A'na knows there are no "accidents" in life only opportunities to learn and grow. She knows that her landing has a hidden message but for some reason she has not been able to learn its meaning. Come join the two as A'na teaches Lucy the beliefs and perspectives from a 5th-dimensional planet. Lucy's life will be forever changed as she learns that she is so much more than just a young girl living on Earth. Her life takes on new meaning as she awakens to remember and finds the truth to her secret.

* You can purchase both books from Sherri Fox Directly! *

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Garden view

Dedicated workspace

Shared Pool

Central air conditioning

Shared patio or balcony


Mountain view

Free driveway parking on


52" HDTV


Private backyard - Not fully




Staying with Sherri and Terry felt like staying with family. i just wish we could stay longer!


For a warm welcome, delicious meals, comfortable bed and enlivening conversation stay at Serenity Farm. Our visit for 2 nights included a swim in the crystal clear pool, bird watching from the porch, and short hikes and a lakeside picnic at Occoneechee State Park. A great value overall! Listing accurately describes the stay. Enjoy!


Awesome stay Sherri and Terry you are beautiful people and great hosts! Lots of genuine charm and comfort and furry pets to adore. Fantastic outdoor pool as well. Look fwd to staying again!

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